How Does Caraxanthin Work?

Anecdotal evidence has shown that ingredients in Caraxanthin target your stored fat deposits, also known as “abnormal” fat. This is the internal fat around your organs that is so devastating to our health. By specifically targeting this fat you can lose massive amounts of weight in a very limited time, while keeping your muscle mass in tact. A big problem with other diets is that you also lose muscle, which eventually will make you fatter when you stop the diet, the fat comes back. Not so with Caraxanthin as its purpose is to target that abnormal fat and leave everything else alone.

Caraxanthin also contains ingredients to help you feel full so you aren’t craving the unhealthy food that keeps us fat. Anecdotal evidence also shows that Caraxanthin supports your metabolism. This way your metabolism will increase while you lose weight, thus helping you to keep the weight off for life so it doesn’t return.

What is the Caraxanthin Diet?

It’s a simple eating plan to go along with the Caraxanthin. In order for Caraxanthin to target your abnormal fat, we need to “unlock” it and make it available to burn. The system does NOT require any pre-packaged or “special” food you have to buy. You can get all your food at your local grocery store and should have just about everything you need already. To get more information on how the system works and all the details, enter your email to the right of this page to get the uncensored guide to the Caraxanthin Diet.

Will This Work For Me?

Yes! As long as you follow our simple instructions it will work for you. We have clients of all ages and situations. We’ve helped those with diabetes, thyroid issues, those who have been told by doctors they “couldn’t” lose weight, and on and on. This system works and that’s why we have such a strong guarantee.

Why Can’t I Join Without An Invite?

There are several reasons for that. The biggest one is that we don’t want it abused. We are here to create healthy weights, not unhealthy low weights. By keeping our membership private we can more easily monitor how much people are losing. The other reason is because we want to keep this somewhat an insider’s secret because if we opened it up to everyone then it would explode in growth. By being too big we’d draw too much attention from the powerful drug companies who are looking to keep people right where they are so they can keep selling them medications they don’t need. Our goal is to cure you of being overweight and to keep it off for life.

We do realize however that some people will hear of us and not have an invite. So we do have a waiting list and occasionally open up a few spots. So if you are in that situation go here to get on the waiting list to get further instruction: LINK

Is it Safe?

Absolutely yes! Caraxanthin is all natural and was designed with ingredients that have been used in one form or another for hundreds of years. These ingredients have never been combined into a system like this before, making it more effective than other systems, and it’s safe. Just make sure you are healthy enough to go on a low calorie diet and you’ll be fine to take Caraxanthin.

What If I’m Pregnant Or Breastfeeding?

Then you shouldn’t be on this diet plan. It’s not that Caraxanthin isn’t safe for your consumption, but you shouldn’t be on any low calorie diet while you are eating for two. But as soon as you are done breastfeeding you are OK to start a round. Many of our clients are here to lose their baby weight, or have been ordered by their doctors to lose weight before they can become pregnant. So both situations are fine, just make sure you aren’t dieting while pregnant or breastfeeding.

What If I Travel A Lot?

That’s fine. The system may not be as easy for you as others who aren’t traveling, but it still works and you can do it. We have many clients who travel for work pretty much daily. We also have long-haul truck drivers who are always on the road. We can help you make it work, we just have give you a few tips. So contact us right after signing up.

How Fast And How Much Weight Can I Lose?

You’ll lose faster and lose more weight than you’ve lost before on any healthy plan. It’s hard to give a number because we are all different (age, sex, starting weight). Those will more weight to lose will lose faster. So for example if you have 80 pounds to lose, you’ll lose weight much faster than those who have 10-20 pounds to lose. Both people will lose very quickly though. Also, men tend to lose faster than women. But on average, if you have around 30-40 pounds to lose, you are a middle aged female, you’ll lose right around .75-1 pound a day on average if you are following the system. Many lose faster than that, some a little slower, but that’s about average.

Can I Buy An Invite?

Not at this time. We keep our members area locked down to better serve our clients. In fact we strongly encourage our members not to give out invites based on monetary gain. We are in the business to help people first and foremost.

What If I Need Help Or Have Questions?

Great! We are here to help. As soon as you join you’ll get a username and password to our members area where you can ask questions day or night, 7 days a week. We also offer email access to coaches, and can also schedule phone calls. We are truly here to help you with whatever situation you find yourself in. The key is to contact us right away so we don’t waste anytime. There’s no sense in contacting us after your round and tell us you had issues. So contact us right away so we can help.

When’s A Good Time To Start?

Whenever you are committed and ready to lose the weight for good. If losing weight sounds like a good idea, but you don’t have a burning desire yet to lose it, then hold off. We find that no matter how easy this system is, if you aren’t committed and truly ready, you won’t stick to it. But if you feel fed-up with being overweight, get started now and get this area of your life handled once and for all.

Where Are You Located? Can I Call You?

We are located in Highland, Utah, about 25 minutes south of Salt Lake City. Our offices are just down the street from beautiful American Fork Canyon which is a National Forest. If you are ever in town come take a tour of the world famous Timpanogos cave. You won’t believe what you see there. And yes you can call us at: 801-341-9864

Do You Ship Outside The United States?

Absolutely! We have clients in just about every country you’ve ever heard of, and some you’ve never known existed. So yes, we serve the world and can help anyone, anywhere. You just have to make sure you can receive packages from the United States Postal Service. If you are unsure, we can arrange other delivery options.

Is This Doctor Approved?

Yes, we’ve had many doctors look over our system and product and they approve this for their clients. We have many doctors who recommend this to all their patients looking to lose weight.

What If My Friend Or Family Member Wants To Do This? How Can I Invite Them?

Probably. When you join you should get an invite for one other person. We do this because we know that losing weight with a buddy is a lot easier than on your own. Our invite system is designed to help our clients, so we strive to make sure you have support from your friends and family. If you have a special situation and need more invites, please contact us and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

Does This Work For Men Too?

Yes. In fact men tend to lose the fastest and have the easiest time. So if you are a women and your husband/boyfriend is doing it with you, don’t get jealous if he loses faster than you do. Women lose quickly too, but men tend to have an easier time losing weight with any system.

How Do I Reorder?

Login to the members area here and you’ll see the reorder links: LINK Make sure to reorder in the members area as the main order page is for new clients only.

Can I Exercise At The Same Time?

Yes, but you will need to make some changes to the system, and we can help you with that. With that said, we urge our clients to take it easy during their rounds. We do this because it’s actually easier to lose weight if you aren’t working out. But if your job requires it we can make adjustments. We have a lot of personal trainers and exercise instructions doing this system and they do great. We just make a few small tweaks to make it work. Contact us after joining.

How Fast Does This Ship?

If you order before about noon MST, it will ship out the same day. We ship extremely fast because we know that when people make the decision to lose weight, they want to get started right away. Delivery takes about 3 business days to the USA. Other countries average around 10 business days. For your specific country please contact us if you want an estimate.

Will The Weight Stay Off?

Yes, as long as you follow the system. If you don’t follow the system and you go back to old habits, you’ll get your old results again. This system is short and effective, but we will give you new habits and tools to keep the weight off for life! We are in this to help you put fat behind you for life.

Will This Target Belly Fat?

This system will target any abnormal fat deposits on your body. Belly fat is definitely an abnormal fat deposit so yes, you will lose that belly fat as long as you keep going.

How Much Total Weight Can I lose?

As much as you need to. We’ve had clients lose 150+ pounds and are still going strong. So Caraxanthin is extremely effective. We’ll get you down to your goal weight. If you need help figuring out a goal weight appropriate to for you, contact us with your age, sex, and height and we can give you some estimates.

Where Can I See Other’s Results?

Head on over to the results page here: Link Also, once you join login to the members area and you’ll see our clients talking about their results daily. You can also see some results on our facebook page: LINK

What If I’m On Other Medication?

Talk to your doctor and see if you are fit to be on a low calorie diet. Caraxanthin doesn’t interfere with any other medication, but you should see if a low calorie diet is for you. Email us if you need help or have questions specific to this: LINK

What If I’m Nervous or Scared To Start?

Let me tell you a secret, EVERYONE is nervous to start. It’s normal, so feel OK if you also feel nervous. As soon as you join you’ll get the quick start instructions and be able to login to the member’s area to see everyone’s results. This will calm your nerves down right away and you’ll feel extremely confident and excited to get started. Remember, we are always here to help you, so if you have any concerns just shoot us an email.

Will I Have To Do This The Rest Of My Life To Stay Skinny?

Absolutely not! Caraxanthin gets you down to your goal weight quickly, and once there you’ll go off your round. We will be giving you tools to keep the weight off, but you will NOT have to do a diet the rest of your life.