Dear Friend,

Weight loss hasn’t been easy for most of us throughout our lives.

I know for me, losing weight and staying healthy has been a long, confusing, frustrating journey.

But the good news is it doesn’t have to be.

I’ll show you exactly what to do to get your dream body and life in record time, while avoiding calorie counting, hard boring workouts, worthless gadgets, and all the hassle of eating strange food, all while feeling full of energy, being happy, and watching the pounds drop off easier than ever before…and how to stop it from ever coming back.

Now I don’t know about you but I always struggled with health and losing weight. Every new diet I tried I had some success, but it never lasted and the weight just came right back.

I stopped being able to do the things I loved because of the weight. I didn’t like the way I looked or felt and it affected every area of my life. By being depressed all the time I wasn’t fun to be around, I wasn’t confident in myself, and I felt like I was watching life pass me by.

My wife was in the same boat as I was and starting to have real medical issues that we suspected were caused by her weight.

We were miserable.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a place like this, dark, depressive, and almost hopeless. If you have I know what it’s like and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

So there I was, hopeless, just going through the motions of my sad life. That’s when I literally snapped!

I wasn’t meant to live like this!

Life was a gift and I wasn’t going to waste it. I was fed up with not having the body I always wanted and deserved. I was fed up with being average or even below average.

So I decided I’d get this area of my life handled once and for all. I’d do whatever it took to turn it all around.

So I bought every diet and health book I could find. I bought supplements, workout DVD’s, the whole lot. To say it was intimidating would be an understatement.

Everyone was giving me different information. Some say eat this. Others say eat that.

Who’s to know who was right?!

I questioned whether or not I should give up. I didn’t know if I could do this. I felt even more lost than before. Then one day I was reading about a supplement expert and how he was leading the field in research on new supplements for health.

His name was Douglas and I managed to track down the lab he was working at. I thought that if anybody had any insight it would be him. So I called up the lab, but I was told he wasn’t available.

I called again, and again, and again. Douglas was a busy guy, and getting him on the phone was not as easy as I’d thought it would be. But I had nowhere else to go, so I just kept trying.

Then one day as I was expecting to just leave another message, Douglas answered the phone! I quickly explained to him my situation, what I was trying to accomplish, and all the problems I’d been having.

Douglas replied as if he was my own grandfather in a caring, older, and authoritative voice said, “Well son, I know why it’s not working for you and it’s very simple...”

The pregnant pause hung in the air for what felt like hours till I eagerly asked, “Why?!” In a voice as if it wasn’t news and as if everyone knew this he said,

“Because you’ve been setup to fail from the start. They give you plans that are doomed to fail eventually.”

He then went onto explain that the diet industry wants us to fail. Of course they do want us to have some success, so we think it’s working, but then they want us to gain the weight back so we can buy more products and do it all again.

Sound familiar?

The big companies aren’t interested in a “cure.” If they did cure us they’d be out of business, so they keep us on this endless treadmill that never ends.

I asked him what I should do. He then shared with me two new studies that had just come out on two different natural supplements that I should take a look at. I asked him why and he just said that it could be what I was looking for.

So after I got off the phone I rushed to researching the two scientific studies and reports he suggested.

It wasn’t easy.

They were written for PHD level researchers and I spent most of my time looking up strange works and concepts. The studies also references other studies, so I went and got those too. Unfortunately they weren’t free. I spent literally hundreds of dollars just accessing the medical journals and studies.

But I was determined to make this work and to find a solution...No matter the cost.

And what I uncovered was simply amazing.

There were natural supplements that could tap into stored fat, burn it as energy, all while feeling great and avoiding hunger.

I managed to get Douglas back on the phone to share what I found. I explained that by combining these two powerful substances together, we could allow our bodies to burn stored fat and stay feeling full.

He agreed that it could work but no one had ever combined the two into one product. And we couldn’t know the right dosage of each to get the desired effects.

I asked him how we could figure that out and he explained we needed to formulate several version and to test them out. It was going to cost more money but I was determined to figure this out so I invested what little money I had into formulating the different versions with an FDA approved laboratory.

After several agonizingly long weeks later my custom supplements arrived.

It was time to use myself as a guinea pig.

I knew the ingredients were safe, all the tests proved that, I just didn't know how much of each ingredient would get us the effects we needed.

Now while I was waiting for these test supplements to arrive I continued to go through the stacks of books, scientific journals, and I also talked with personal trainers, nutritionists and doctors.

I found out that one of the reasons why it’s so hard to lose weight fast is because you have to lower your caloric intake so much, and you get far too hungry.

Plus after a few days your body goes into what’s called “starvation” or “famine” mode and literally forces our body to hold onto the fat. It was a protection method our bodies had so we didn’t starve if we ran our of food.

Which is great, except when you want to lose weight.

Hopefully my test supplements could stop my body from entering starvation mode and tap into the stored fat like I read about in the studies. So I didn’t waste anymore time and I got to work.

I started version one of the product and the special diet I had gathered from the experts.

After a few days I could tell something was wrong.

I was too full and just not hungry enough to eat. I was losing weight, but by not being able to eat enough, I was losing slower than I should have.

So I moved onto version two of the product.

With that version I was losing weight but not fast enough like I expected. So I then switched to version three and everything was going great for a few days, then my weight loss stalled.

The product was working well as it should, but I suddenly started to stop losing. I suspected it might be the food choices I was eating. I scoured more books, more experts and finally connected with an author named Judy.

She was an expert in nutrition and seemed to know more than anyone else I spoke to. When I showed her what I was doing she was shocked at how well the product was working.

But she wasn’t happy with the food choices I was making.

I had just been counting calories, but she explained that that’s not an accurate way of eating because different foods that are equal in calories will have drastically different effects on our bodies.

So one food will tell our bodies to store fat, while others tell it to burn fat, and they might be totally equal in calories.

That meant that the "calories in, calories out" method to weight loss was a lie!

And I felt relieved because I was so sick of worrying about calories

So I took her specific suggestions and went off to test them.

Now before I tested the new food, I also ordered one more version of the custom supplement in order to perfect it. I ramped up the ingredient that’s been show to tap into our stored fat.

I was convinced with the new easy diet changes, I would be able to eat more, while losing more fat.

After a few more weeks the new version arrived and I immediately started the new test.

Right away I could tell this was something special.

I felt full, I had energy, and most importantly I was losing weight faster than I ever had before.

Within a few short weeks I was lower in weight than I had been in years. And it didn’t take long for the compliments to start flooding in. Family, friends and colleagues told me how great I looked.

They asked if I was working out, which I wasn’t, so they all asked me what my secret was.

I felt happier than I had in years. I was more confident in every area of my life and suddenly it just felt like my life was working again.

But was I just lucky? Would this work for someone else?

By this time my wife’s health problems were getting worse. She had horrible stomach pain and the doctors couldn’t figure out what it was.

One doctor wanted to take out her gall bladder even though all her tests came back fine. But we were desperate and we were considering the surgery.

We talked it over.

I wondered if it was the extra weight that was somehow causing issues. She wanted to try the new product and system I discovered because it worked so well for me. But I was hesitant to let her pain go on when we didn’t know if it was the weight, or the gall bladder.

But after doing some research I found out that the surgery was dangerous, and of course couldn’t be undone if it didn’t help. Plus she’d have more health issues just from having her gall bladder out.

So right then I knew we had to try everything we could before resorting to surgery. So she started on the product the next day and began the plan.

She was nervous but really excited after seeing my results. She took the product just like I did and ate the specific foods on the simple list I gave her. I’m a very picky eater so she had even more fun eating tons of different, delicious food.

After the first week she jumped on the scale and had lost 9 pounds!

It was incredible!

Then she continued on and lost even more weight doing the exact same thing as the first week.

No calorie counting, no workouts, no gross or weird diet food, and nothing complicated. Just taking the product and eating the right combinations of food.

Before she knew it she had to go shopping to buy all new clothes because nothing fit.

She was getting compliments from everyone about how great she looked and people asking what her secret was. I could see her confidence and happiness soar!

So the weight loss was great, but what was even more great were the health benefits. With the weight gone she no longer had joint pain, and without the joint pain she no longer had to take the pain medication she had been taking for years.

Once she stopped taking that pain medication all her stomach issues vanished!

Neither of us could believe it. She was pain free, looked and felt better than she had in decades and she did it all with this easy plan that took a very short time.

And we didn’t have to resort to surgery, which wouldn’t have worked anyway.

I’m still mad to this day that a doctor would recommend an unneeded surgery just because he didn’t know what else to do.

So it worked and worked better than anything else I knew of. Plus the weight was staying off. We wouldn’t have to do this the rest of our lives.

Just a short few cycles and we were done. By now everyone wanted to know our secret and I knew it could help them.

But I was nervous to let this get out.

I was mostly nervous because after Douglas had heard about all the success we were having he warned me that I could become a target of the massive diet industry. A system like this could stop them from making so much money if it ever caught on and word got out. He even recommended I use a pen name if I ever sold out just to keep me somewhat anonymous.

I thought about it for a while and decided it was just too beneficial to keep a secret.

This could literally save lives and I couldn’t keep that from people. Plus I couldn’t turn away someone who was in my old situation because I knew how awful it was.

If it were me, I'd want help and I knew this could help millions of people.

So I gave it to five close friends to see how they did. When I gave it to them they asked me what it was called.

I didn’t have a name yet, but eventually decided on Caraxanthin, as it combined the names of the two main ingredients that made this whole thing work.

So all five friends did the plan with the Caraxanthin and ended up having the same success just like my wife and I did.

Before I knew it my phone was ringing off the hook. I ordered more and helped those that needed it.

Soon it got out of hand.

I couldn’t keep up so I had to hire a small team to help clients and to ship out orders. The good thing was I was helping thousands of people all over the world. I even offered a double money-back guarantee to people because I knew it would work for anyone who used it, and I know people are skeptical.

Who wouldn’t be skeptical with all the scams and false promises by the big diet companies. And before I knew it I had helped over 20,000 clients successfully lose weight and to keep it off.

I’ve had all sorts of clients like women, men, old (as old as 98), young, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, personal trainers and just about everyone else you could think of.

I’ve even had several big celebrities use Caraxanthin to get them top their “Hollywood” body weight. If you’ve watched TV, movies, or listened to the radio lately you’ve definitely have seen some of my clients.

I’ve even consulted with many doctors when they have clients who can’t lose weight. I’ve become an author and have even been featured on national television. I’ve spent the last 5+ years helping people lose weight, 7 days a week, sometimes 14 hours a day. I’ve seen every situation and have seen things that can only be called miracles.

It's amazing what this natural product and solid plan can do for so many people

But Caraxanthin is still relatively unknown because sign ups are locked.

Not anyone can join and get Caraxanthin.

This is because in the beginning I quickly found out that the best clients are those who were referred by their friends and family. Plus I didn’t want people abusing this. I want people to lose weight, but not go below where they should be.

I also want to give all my clients the attention they need. When someone joins they get access to help just about anytime with my highly trained coaches.

I simply can’t handle too many people at once so I only let in those who have been invited by another member. That's why it's kept so exclusive.

But occasionally I’ll open up a few spots to the general public because I want to help as many as possible. But they have to be on our exclusive waiting list. I do this so that those who aren't serious about losing weight don't go to the trouble. But those who really want help are able to get in.

So if you want a better life, want to finally get rid of the fat once and for all, enter your invitation code on this page here to join: Buy Now

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Once you join we’ll rush out your package and you can login to the members area immediately to take a look around while you are waiting for your package to arrive.

And of course you have access to my coaches, all the help you need, and you are covered by the guarantee.

So remember, there is hope, this will work for you, you simply need to get started. And I can’t wait to see your results. I’ll see you on the other side!

          Bryan Owens

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